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What does the 3rings Plug do?

Simply, it reduces the worry that families have over ageing Mums & Dads and each day answers the question "Is my loved one OK today?"

The plug was designed because Steve, our Chairman, and his family had exactly that problem and were worried about their Mum, Iris.

So now each day, Steve & his family get reassurance that Iris is OK just by Iris making her morning cup of tea. Iris gets peace of mind that there is a safety net around her just in case something happens.

So if you worry about your Mum, Dad or grandparents then the 3rings plug could probably help you and give you all peace of mind each day!

You set the rules

Just plug a kettle, TV or almost any appliance into your 3rings Plug and tell us when you want us to check that your ageing Loved Ones are OK.

You can set flexible rules which suit your Loved Ones' lives:

Your 3rings Plug will alert you if that cup of tea isn't made, right on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. If you like, you can also get notified every time your Loved Ones' appliances are used, so you get the reassurance of knowing they're up and about every day.

how it works

Plug in, Turn On and Connect your ageing Loved Ones to all the family.

3rings gives daily reassurance by sending emails and messages to your 3rings app as well as timely alerts by text or calls when changes in behaviour could be cause for concern.

When your Loved One uses their 3rings Plug enabled appliance it lets your 3rings Portal know via its in-built 'mobile phone'.

Your 3rings Portal listens for the message, which it expects between the times that you have set.

You and your family get notified that everything is OK or alerted if no signal has been received.

3rings Plug features

  • You're in control

    The 3rings Cloud Portal lets you tell us when to check your 3rings Plug for activity and who to notify for alerts.

  • No Internet needed

    At the heart of your 3rings Plug is a mobile phone so no Internet is needed at your Loved Ones' home.

  • Family & Friends

    Involve the whole family in your Loved Ones' care circle so they can be reassured and be on hand to help.

  • Pattern of Life tracking

    PAL keeps an eye out for unusual behaviour 24/7, which provides you with an early warning system.

  • Easy to use

    Plug in, activate and connect in minutes. Check everything's OK on the move using the 3rings app.

  • Real-time alerts

    Family & Friends immediately get alerts by email, text, phone or in the app if something's wrong.

  • Notifications

    Family & Friends can choose to receive reassuring updates each day by email or in the 3rings app.

  • Know who's responsible

    Individual family members can take responsibility for alerts. Messages are sent to keep everyone in the loop.

  • Peace of mind

    Everyone can rest easy knowing that their Loved Ones are OK each day, and that their family is on hand to help, just in case.

3rings portal & app

The 3rings Portal & App allows you to stay informed and up-to-date regarding your Loved Ones.

Know they're OK

Your 3rings Plug lets us know each time a connected appliance is turned on/off. Current information is displayed so you know your Loved Ones are active and OK.

Define Rules

Set up times you want us to listen for activity, as well as who and how you want to be notified or alerted.

Invite Family & Friends

Give peace of mind to the rest of your family and use the portal to invite them to be part of your care circle.

Designed for you
& your family

We designed the 3rings Plug to make your life better.

Daily actions, such as making coffee or watching TV, reassure you and your family, and bring your ageing Loved Ones closer.

This helps maintain independent living for your Loved Ones and gives the rest of the family peace of mind.

Beyond the 3rings Plug: Things that care

If you feel you need to build a smart safety net of care around your loved one that is more detailed than what the 3rings Plug can offer, then 3rings has more to offer with its new IoT and Sensors services.

3rings works with a range of sensors that passively monitor your loved one's daily routine, from the simple 3rings Plug through to the Amazon Echo.

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